California Topiaries : Marc Alcock

California Topiaries is a documentary project by Marc Alcock. Marc is a British photographer based in California. His projects often deal with the visual language of environments. Through sequencing and an attention to the unique form, colour and texture of a place, his images hint at stories beyond the frame.

Much of my work tends to come out of me moving or traveling to new places. I’m most inspired when I’m seeing a place with fresh eyes. I have a background in design and art direction, for this reason I’m often drawn to the unique form, colour and texture of environments and objects, and how they hint at stories beyond the frame.

The series, developed going around California, and looks at the relationship between houses and gardens:

I love how people in California grow these living sculptures outside of their homes. This project documents homes around California where the character of the building is special because of a unique relationship with plants and nature.
At one end of the scale I found lovingly crafted topiaries, that were thoughtfully paired with architectural details. A conscious aesthetic decision. At the other end there are buildings swallowed by nature. The plants functioning as camouflage for the home.


Text and images © Marc Alcock



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