1999 : Iacopo Pasqui

1999 is a documentary project by Italian photographer Iacopo Pasqui, the true story of Chicca, Alessio, Flavio, Irene, Francesco and Rebecca, six 16 years old teenagers.

I started the project in March 2015 and I have chosen to work on their generation in order to start a new stage in my personal research which involves no more the landscape as the centre of the work but a vision of other people and their lives. I have decided to concentrate my work on a generation very far from mine (especially from a mental point of view) in its way of seeing the everyday life as well as the life in general. In these months, I have been trying to tell where and how they live, what they do, what they study, what they love and what the hate, what they want to do in the future, how they feel in respect of the future and how they perceive their adolescence today, in this contemporaneity. During my work, I was very astonished in discovering that, in the end, Alessio, Chicca, Flavio, Francesco, Irene and Rebecca, conduct very ordinary lives, not characterized by bad manners but focused on family and a few good friends; lives in which having fun is very far from overkills and the most unrestrained escapism. Ultimately, the main purpose of my work is a research on the poetry and the purity of their age, on their naivety and on their way of being still children. I have been trying to tell about a complicated but at the same time very normal reality which seems light years away from our surrounding.

Text and images © Iacopo Pasqui


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