Lido. A sud di nessun nord : Allegra Martin

“Lido. A sud di nessun nord” (“Lido. South of no North”) is a series by Italian photographer Allegra Martin, which takes name from a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski published in 1973.
These pictures are part of a photographic research commissioned by the ‘Osservatorio Fotografico‘, (a photography research project based in Ravenna) in occasion of the commissioned project “Dove viviamo” (“Where we live”) – launched in 2009 and aimed at building a visual archive of the city.
Lido Adriano is a seaside town a few miles away from Ravenna.

Lido Adriano is like a condominium where you meet lives, stories and destinies. I was there for the first time in early May 2013.
A feeling of being in search of something accompanied me during all time – something that still eludes me.

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Text and images © Allegra Martin


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