Plataformas : La Metropolitana

Plataformas is a collection of auxiliar furniture pieces, inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of contemporary architecture. Just like paving stone supported by columns and beams, all of the pieces that make up the collection are configured to the specific needs of each user.


As a result, each piece is different in form and function. Different typology modules compose the collection, serving as nodes, transition pieces and in some cases independent pieces, complemented with different covers making up new spatial dynamic configurations.


Text and images © La Metropolitana

Photography by Issamel Moreno


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-01


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-02


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-03


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-04


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-05


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-06


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-07


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-08


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-09


plataformas-la-metropolitana-photo-by-issamel moreno-10

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