Lost in elements : Benedetta Falugi

Lost in elements is a project by Tuscany based independent photographer Benedetta Falugi. She approached photography in a rather casual way. Once she found out about this passion, she studied photography through various workshops and as an autodidact. At the same time Falugi started her personal research which is aimed at the places of the heart and people living there.
Her clean style, the choice of warm colors and enchanting atmospheres characterize her works, she has the ability to reach the heart of both the subjects she portrays and of beholders. Her work, made mostly in analog, on film, shows a great ability to capture the essence of things by watching without disturbing which allows the artist to implement a continuous research, lowering in the situations with the careful eye of those who can go beyond the apparent and of who, from time to time, has the ability to penetrate into other worlds. Her work has been published in several online magazines and showed in various exhibitions.

This is how she describes the project:

In this series, natural elements are not set as scenic backgrounds, but rather as protagonists. Places chosen for this series are not characterized by someone’s presence – on the contrary, it is the surroundings that characterize people, giving the whole series a greater of meaning and a sense of unity. Subjects are photographed from the back or form the distance not for the purpose of blurring out human individuality, but to extend it beyond limits, so that any viewer can identify himself or herself in the subjects.

Text and images © Benedetta Falugi

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