Haru and Mina series : Hideaki Hamada

Hideaki Hamada is a Japanese photographer born in 1977, Awaji Island, Hyogo and living in Osaka. After having some solo exhibitions in Asia and Europe, he published his first photo book “Haru and Mina”, a series of portraits of his own children, in Taiwan in 2012. His works have been published in Kinfolk magazine, The Big Issue Taiwan and more.

“Children always act more than I expect. The inspiration for my photography comes from this sort of behavior. Though I direct some of my photographs, in most cases I take pictures of my children just as they are. When I take photos of my children, the important thing is to maintain an objective perspective. Not too close, but also not too far away, as if I am watching them from behind. Something close to mere observation, I think. Obeying this rule gives the photos a universal quality. I believe that this universality is necessary to communicate their living forms to someone else.
My photos are the best gift for their future. They will be a time machine for them. So I want to take photos that they will feel something when they grow up”.


All images © Hideaki Hamada

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