Hurdle Family : Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch

The Hurdle Family is a furniture collection designed by Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch for Dowel Jones, a young design studio operating out of Melbourne, Australia. The Hurdle Family consists of the Half Hurdle Chair, Full Hurdle Chair, Hurdle Bar and Counter Stool and the Hurdle Tray Side Table. Available for purchase through Dowel Jones.


Text and images © Dowel Jones, Dale Hardiman, Adam Lynch


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-01


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-02


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-03


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-04


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-05


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-06


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-07


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-08


hurdle-family-dowel-jones-dale hardiman-adam-lynch-09

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