Akin Collection : Anny Wang

AKIN COLLECTION is a furniture collection with three members; Float shelf, Sway cabinet and Orbit side table. The ambition with the design is to attract interaction and through the experience of the collection contribute to a broader view of what relationships between objects might be. Objects do not necessarily belong together just because they are similar in shape and appearance. A concave and a convex surface are each opposites but fit perfectly. A square next to a sphere enhances each other’s shapes. A kinship can exist through the differences. The shelf possibility to stand in the middle of the room, the cabinets color shifting and the side table’s mobility are properties that attract movement. It is through the movement in the room that the conversation between the furniture arises. The collection tells about the importance in contrasts. How contrasts can complement and accentuate features.


The movement and the contrasts unite this collection as a family.


Text © Anny Wang  Photo © Ellika Henrikson



FLOAT is an open display shelf. With the construction of the shelf there is no clear front or back. This allows the shelf to be independent of a wall and may stand in the middle of room. Something you can walk around. The free corners, airy plan and its clear vertical lines give the shelf a light and open character.




SWAY is a cabinet with a shifting hue. In contrast to Floats exposing expression Sway stands for the closed and private. The upholstered feeling produces a flow and a more undulating shape that protrudes from the strict straight lines of the shelf and the cabinet’s structure. The cabinet is covered with a chameleon color that changes color depending on the angle you are in and light. The cabinet is “brought to life” through movement.




ORBIT is a side table that circulates the room. The round table top becomes a contrast against the straight and hard legs. The side table’s mobile feature allows it to be positioned and carried on to locations in the room where it is needed. The handle and side table’s light weight attracts movement. The removable table top can act as a tray and provides a further movement.



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