Jero yurt : Uula Jero for Trakke

Having established themselves as a manufacturer of high quality luggage for outdoor lifestyles, today, Scottish brand Trakke launch the new Jero yurt by Uula Jero. Taking inspiration from the traditional portable dwellings developed by the nomadic people of Central Asia, Trakke have bought this ancient shelter into the 21st Century. The Jero is ideal for a range of uses, from glamping to garden parties. With over 12m2 of floor- space, it could even be used as a guest bedroom, home office, semi-permanent dwelling or pop up shop!. Built from premium quality marine plywood with a 15oz cotton canvas cover it does not require tools to assemble and can be erected in under two hours by three people.

While traditional yurts are typically heavy and unwieldy to move, the Jero is designed to be comparatively lightweight and packable, allowing it to be transported in a small car, or even towed on a bicycle trailer. To develop the design, Trakke worked in collaboration with the eponymous designer Uula Jero as well as rapid prototyping workshop Maklab. Uula explains:

“To minimise the weight while maintaining the structural integrity of the yurt we looked to nature for solutions – the unique telescopic roof struts are held together using a block designed to replicate the strength and durability of a vertebrae. Using CNC fabrication techniques, we have been able to cut far more complex shapes that allow us to strip as much material away as possible without compromising on strength”.

Text and images © Trakke

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