Tashiro 71 : Hideaki Takayanagi

Project name: Tashiro 71
Location of site: Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Area: 873 sqm
Year: 2014
Project by : Hideaki Takayanagi

Photography © Takumi Ota
Text © Hideaki Takayanagi












This building is located in the center of Nagoya, the third most populous city in Japan behind Tokyo and Osaka. In a large city such as Nagoya, the high cost of land forces many buildings to raise their height in order to effectively utilize the real estate. Tall buildings may appear boring and monotonous, so I proposed an idea that changes monotony.

The main concept of this rental housing complex is a new model of “Vertical Cityscape.” The “71″ refers to the number of windows of this housing complex, allowing each room has more than 7 windows. At first glance, these windows might appear to be arrayed irregularly. But upon careful examination of the size and arrangement, one will notice the relation to the cityscape of the surrounding area. It is, so to speak, a form of “natural clutter.”



















Spatial strategy

In the interior, each window has long wooden desk or bench. The façade of the building is filled with various spectacles of resident’s activities. And then, gradually, they become a brilliant village of 10 houses, blended into their surroundings.The utility core is placed in the center of the dwelling unit. All rooms are arranged around the core. The bathroom has two doors, so that it can be accessed from both the living room and bedroom.













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