28Posti Restaurant : Francesco Faccin

28Posti Restaurant is a project developed by Italian architect Francesco Faccin in collaboration with the convicts of the Penitentiary Institute of Bollate. The place is intimate and welcoming, only 28 seats. It is located in a quiet and private street in the heart of the Navigli’s area in Milan. The architectural project aimed to bring the room to its original state with the incorporation of new furniture elements produced internally with recycled materials. The kitchen is the soul of the project and reveals the preparation of the food plates to the clients thanks to a slit window that can be quickly glanced while entering the domain.The construction itself was carried on by the convicts of the Penitentiary Institute of Bollate (Istituto Penitenziario di Bollate), that were able to benefit from the 21st Article taking a place within the construction site. Subsequently to this important experience, the restaurant will continue to make efforts to reintegrate professionally these underprivileged categories.


Text ©  Francesco Faccin | Photography © Filippo Romano e Francesco Giusti

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