House in front of a rill : 05 AM Arquitectura

This house by Spanish architecture studio 05 AM Arquitectura, answers to the needs of its elderly owner who, using a wheelchair,  wanted a practical small, comfortable and pleasant house.


Text © 05 AM Arquitectura | Photography © Adrià Goula


05 am arquitectura


05 am arquitectura


The whole house is in developed in the ground floor level, and is defined by two volumes that are adapted to the irregular shape of the plot, one of them is parallel to neighbour limit, and the other one is perpendicular to the street, being a little turned respect the other one, defining between them a protected space, sunny, saved from the vision from the public spaces, and open to the green plants of the stream. The non-parallel position between this two volumes benefits to get those aims. And the space defined between them will become an extension of the interior spaces, being another exterior room with sun, but also with a small porch with the green background of the plants of the river.






Recessing the rails of the sliding doors into the floor we allow an easy circulation with the wheelchair from the interior to the exterior. The budget was low, and the house had to be built as much we can by masonry by the builder chosen by the client, meaning we had used the most simple, basic and easy constructive systems, but used with coherence in the way that they provide its maximum performances.






The house was built from the interior to the exterior with successive layers, first the structural brick wall that it’s seen as an interior finishing, then the isolation then an empty space that allows hiding the sliding windows, and at the end another thin wall rendered with lime mortar. The small house takes the maximum benefits of the characteristics of the place, using the low resources available to provide pleasant and practical spaces to the specific needs of the owners.


05 am arquitectura




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