Casa Poblenou : CAVAA arquitectes

Casa Poblenou is a project by Spanish Barcelona based studio CAVAA arquitectes. The main floor apartment has an internal, quiet and isolated patio from the Poblenou streets in Barcelona. In a chamfer housing, the architects focus the project’s efforts to transform the living room area and its relationship to the courtyard. From their earliest sketches, the patio was invited to come inside the house, giving value to the kitchen and all living spaces annexed. The proposal is based on the idea of merging the main spaces: living, yard and kitchen in order to obtain a new open-space living room with some pleasant nooks. Nooks designed from a window that has entered into the house, with the purpose to relate the space subtly, and multiply its warmth. CAVAA transformed a residual, dark and forgotten space in the new center of the house: the yard.


Text © CAVAA arquitectes | Photography © Filippo Poli













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