Ordinarily : Luca Prestia

Ordinarily is a photographic project by Italian photographer Luca Prestia, started two years ago and still ongoing.

The locations shown in the shots are in Northern Italy and Southern France, the two countries where I live during the year. The scenes depicted – that refer to an apparently obvious everyday life – actually contain small details that somehow tend to ‘disturb’ the scene in its entirety and intend create in the viewers feel, a subtle sensation of elusive estrangement. Ordinarily is therefore intended to highlight all the unpredictable and somehow discordant elements present in the photographic series; elements that most of the times tend to escape our gaze which is absently pointed to everyday life.

Luca Prestia was born in Turin in 1971. He graduated in Modern History at the University of Turin, where he also earned his PhD in the same discipline. He started his experience as freelance photographer in the 90’s and he has been registered in the Association of Journalists of Piedmont since 2000. Prestia collaborated (as scenery and backstage photographer) on the production of documentaries about the social environment; his pictures have been published on several Italian and foreigner magazines as well as on printed and online newspapers or used as book covers. Since several years, his interest is mainly focused on landscape and documentary photography (both analogue and digital). His latest work, completed in the summer of 2014, is S[s]tate Border, which has just been published in a photographic book.

Text and images © Luca Prestia


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