Artificialia : Francesca Occhi

Artificialia is a project by Italy based photographer and graphic designer Francesca Occhi. This photographic project has been idealized from a personal reflection upon the Po Delta. A place, in the common view, almost uncontaminated. In the “sacca of Goro” a huge lagoon located between the branches of the Goro and Volano Po, fishing is an important part of the local life. I live in these areas since I was born. During the summer I used to walk on the beach, in direction of the mouth of the river, while I’m looking at the sea. What I can see is an environment where the human presence is really strong/deep. Beside the quiet surface of the water I can distinguish constructions, machine, objects and colors that appear in contrast with the surrounding habitat. As in a big Wunderkammer under the blue sky, where the elements of the natural world (naturalia) and the artificial one (arificialia) combined together can create surprise or, as in this case, a cause for reflection.


Text and images © Francesca Occhi


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