Australian Shells : Antonio Aricò

Australian Shells is a project developed during a 3 months students workshop lead by Antonio Aricò, following the invitation of Judith Glover, professor of RMIT industrial design course. The young Australian students designed and developed a ceramic handmade tableware collection, following all the process from the sketches to the production.


All images © Antonio Aricò

Photography by Johnny Sisavath






The inspiration of the project came after a summer spent in Calabria, where Antonio comes from. The idea was to connect something strongly related with his origins, the sea, with something useful, a tableware collection, using a funny and creative way to describe Australian hidden beauties. The white collection is made of porcelain called “White Southern Ice”, an Australian made porcelain; The grey collection is made of “WSS porcelain” also from Australia. A design experiment lead to transform organic and natural shapes into a slightly baroque daily objects collection, luxurious and useful at the same time.





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