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Jay Cover is one third of Nous Vous a collective of visual artists ( Jay Cover, Nicolas Burrows, William Edmonds ) who have a broad, evolving practice and have been working closely with each other since 2007. Jay is interested in art, design, life, work, nature and the supernatural. He is currently attempting to develop a thoughtful drawing practice, with a focus on mark-making interpreting content from his observatory writing practice, which he views as a meditation on labour and nature. He likes to read, likes to work, likes to walk around, likes to socialise. Aspires to have a more simplistic way of life.


Flat is his new book published by Hato Press.  It is a playfully illustrated tribute to furniture, a celebration of contemporary designer makers. Humorously combining wild animals, characters and objects in homes. Flat features illustrations of furniture by Johanna Dehio, Martino Gamper, Gonçalo Campos and Studio Gorm, among others.


Text and images © Jay Cover

jay cover
jay cover

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