Ábécés könyv : Anna Kövecses

Anna Kövecses is a self-taught illustrator and designer, born in Hungary and currently living by the sea in Cyprus. Her portfolio is a perfect mix of illustrations, paintings, photographs and other self initiated projects. Anna’s style is characterised by clean minimalist shapes, bright colours and touches of naivety. Clients include the BBC, The New York Times and Viewpoint Magazine.

This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. llustrations were carefully designed so that every subject that appears in this book is something she’s currently very much interested in. So in one way this book is not just a tool but also a diary documenting a four-year-old little girl’s world in the summer of 2013 on an island of the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand though, hopefully it will also serve as an equally exciting source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in languages or design.


All images © Anna Kövecses

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