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Forme Fluide was a three-days workshop about editorial design, created by Lago Film Fest, curated by makethatstudio and propelled by pixartprinting.
The lake of Lago – 1200 meters long and 500 meters large – near Vittorio Veneto, is the main stage of the Lago Film Fest. The participants of the workshop, have been invited to take part into a moment of research and analysis about the relationship between water and image in order to print a publication. The group has been splitted in three different teamworks with three different research areas: the bottom of the lake, the shore of the water mirror and the inhabitants of Lago town.
Abstract and architectural drawings have been melted with scans, interviews and photos, and the result of this workshop is a book called Forme Fluide. The publication has been printed in a limited edition of 250 copies from which has been extracted a selection of eight posters exhibited during the Festival.


Text and images © makethatstudio








The lake in itself is a meeting point, an oasis of momentary calm in the winding journey of its contents from the mountains to the sea. It is not only a geological formation but also one that is metaphysical, ethereal, an entity that belies in its placidity a turbulent cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
In three days spent in the village of Lago, in its hills and alleyways, between galleries, screenings, performances and presentations, we always return to the focal point of the Festival, to The Lake.
Three days of encounters, new faces, ideas, bringing form to that which is not always visible: what lies within, around, below the water.
Interaction, observation, and dialogue with the characters that make up the fabric of this place, both sentient and not, of the delicate balance between that which seems mired in stillness, immutable in time, and that which exists in continuous motion. Investigations, reclamations, illustrations and abstractions of the personalities, nature, and secrets unseen within the most obscure corners.
And like the various inhabitants that populate this oasis of creation, its people, animals, spirits, and monsters, like the glacial force that carved the valley itself with indolent violence, we return yet again to the element from which we came and on which we continue to depend: the precious substance that sustains this vibrant splendor, and grants fluidity to form.


Text by Max Soria and Chiara Sacchet










makethatstudio (design and art direction),
Chiara Sacchet and Max Soria (texts and video),
Giacomo Streliotto (photography),
Diana Iennaco and Leonardo Signori (illustrations),
Giorgia Caboni and Maria Chiara Moro (scans and research)


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