FOOD.CHOCOLATE.DESIGN. is a project by Happycentro in collaboration with Sabadì that talks about food, but not only: it talks about flavour with a capital F and about intrinsic Italian quality and talent.


Starting off with chocolate as our recurring theme, eight food craftsmen were put around a table; these food craftsmen are dedicated pioneers in design, applying method and passion, and they analyze problems of production, do meticulous research on raw materials, and, consequently, develop their products as complex projects.


Each one of them has been on their own specific professional path for years, and some of their paths are rather radical, sometimes against the mainstream, following their conviction thoroughly, coherently, with a clear vision of what they want, and awakening the interest of the press and experts in the sector. They are innovators, although many of them dedicate themselves to research and the recuperating of ancient methods. Indeed, we consider them to be designers.


Text and images © Food. Chocolate. DesignHappycentro

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