Objets Mécaniques : Nouvelle Administration

Nouvelle Administration is a graphic design studio based in Montréal, Canada. Originating from different backgrounds, the studio’s cofounders are Catherine D’Amours (Pointbarre), Eloïse Deschamps and Martin Poirier (La Mamzelle & Co.). The studio practices contemporary visual communication and specializes in branding, print and collateral design, book design, illustration, typography, and web design. Their contemporary approach to graphic design and visual communication is the byproduct of an ongoing commitment to craft, quality, originality and the desire to create lasting, enduring, considered work.

The project is a new identity for Objets Mécaniques, a slow design “laboratory” whose mission is to design handmade everyday objects. These objects are made useful through basic needs and actively contribute to a domestic space’s physical and psychological ergonomics. Carefully handmade, these objects are produced in small series of unique pieces. Usually made from local and reclaimed materials, each object is handmade.


Text and images © Nouvelle Administration, Objets Mécaniques

nouvelle administration
nouvelle administration
nouvelle administration
nouvelle administration

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