STIK Pavilion Exhibition : FRVR

Visual identity, booklets design, promotion and spatial design developed by graphic and design studio FRVR for a small exhibition held in one of the Hongo Campus buildings at the University of Tokyo (Todai). As time was extremely limited (less than two weeks for everything) and content of the exhibition is documentation of process behind creating the STIK pavilion, we have decided to work with process-like techniques. For instance, all booklets were designed without any texts or layouts, containing only images and visual material. After the booklets were produced, all the text and captions were hand-written and added by the Lab members on Post-Its. These were finally used for creating the final, printed Post-Its and attached to each page of the booklets. Design of the booklets is thus process-driven rather than carefully designed.
In addition, a huge image of the STIK pavilion was printed on 1920 Post-Its in order to cover 2,5 x 4,5 m wall in the exhibition space. Each Post-It has coordinates printed on so the installation is easier. For creating the coordinates, Grasshopper script was created exclusively for this project.


Text ©  FRVR | Photography © Jan Vranovský


Designed by:

Advanced Design Studies, The University of Tokyo
(exhibition preparation team: Yanli Xiong, Jan Vranovsky, Rossina Shatarova)


Concept by:

Jan Vranovsky


Grasshopper script for Post-It coordinates by:

Anders Rod


Photography by:

Jan Vranovsky


Additional thanks for help with the Post-It overload to:

Chiawen Lin, Ann-Kristin Crusius, Samuel Lalo,
Ben Berwick & Kevin Clement


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