Out of the Ordinary : Studio Wieki Somers

The exhibition ’Out of the Ordinary’ by Studio Wieki Somers offers a glimpse into the imaginative world of everyday objects that the studio has created in the past decade. The skillfully produced objects combine beauty and narrative with technical ingenuity. There is work from a number of recent collections that are never shown before in The Netherlands, and in the long display case the studio’s design research is explained with the aid of objects from the museum’s collection and photos that Elspeth Diederix took for the studio. The textile in the rooms is a material study, made possible in part by Kvadrat.


Aside from the exhibition, there are several other of the studio’s works presented in the museum. The ‘Merry-Go-Round Coat Rack’, one of the highlights of the museum’s entrance area since 2008, is used by more than 300,000 visitors every year. The museum’s collection also includes several other important designs by the studio, including ‘Bathboat’, a design that is part of the museum’s Design Collection on permanent display. The exhibition coincides with the publication of a richly illustrated book that highlights the design philosophy of the studio.


Text and images © Studio Wieki Somers




















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