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Founded by designer Greg Papove in 2014, Studio Medium is a product design studio based out of Vancouver, Canada. Papove’s work challenges the users to appreciate the mundane, to shift their outlook and generally inspires a sense of joy. His penchant for bright colours and unique forms leads to work that is at once whimsical and grounded in a strong sense of funcionality.


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ABK Table


Inspired by Knolling, a form of organization in which objects are arranged in parallel or 90 degree angles, the ABK Table is a coffee table that encourages the user to take care in the placement of objects. The nesting corner allows the user to tuck books, magazines and other objects in a tidy stack in-line with the right-angular form of the table, thus creating the basis for other items to be organized in this style. The table also has a slot where less aesthetically pleasing items such as remotes or less attractive publications can be accessible without adding any visual clutter — which follows another principal of Knolling in which items that are not frequently required need not be out on the surface.








A circle of white or coloured light around the sun, moon, or other luminous body caused by refraction through ice crystals in the atmosphere. Halo Lamp is a sculptural table lamp that emits warm light into your living space. Made of steel, copper, and glass, this lamp uses a LED light source to create a warm atmospheric environment. Ready for orbit in your space.










Bow Incense Burner


This incense burner was inspired by the lack of diversity of incense burners available on the market. What I found was stereotypical “hippie” stuff and, as a result, my peers were using planter pots, coffee cups, old candles, and other random objects to burn incense because the aesthetic of existing incense burners didn’t suit their lifestyle. This incense burner challenges the existing aesthetics of incense and opens it up to a new audience as an alternative to scented candles and oil diffusers as we move further away from the stigma around the ritual of incense burning.


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