Leather House : Simon Astridge

Leather House is a project by award-winning architect and lecturer based in London Simon Astridge. The clients brief was to create a home that their family could live in for the next ten years or beyond. A total refurbishment of the existing house with a new second floor level added was completed. The new level created a master suite, including areas for sleeping, working, dressing and washing. The ground and first floor levels of the property were also refurbished including kitchen and all bathrooms.
Working to the constrained leather butt sizes of the cow, four sliding doors and four floor panels with under floor heating were designed for a master dressing area. No handles were fitted to the sliding doors because we wanted it to be worn authentically over the years by the hand as a normal part of human life. Walking through the dressing room you are rewarded with a truly phenomenological experience as the beautiful earthy smell of the leather rewards you.


Text © Simon Astridge | Photography © Nicholas Worley



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