Stay Golden : Martin Buday

Stay Golden is a an on-going photographic series by American photographer based in Philadelphia Martin Buday. Stay Golden suggests ideas of the uncertainties and vulnerabilities of existing in the world through the direct and curious observation of our everyday environment. The series of photographs draws its name from some graffiti I came across misquoting the novel, The Outsiders, which in turn references Robert Frost. These images loosely depict everyday struggle and the desire to remain “golden”, innocent and pure in a world of insecurities. The series is an on-going photographic survey of everyday Americana: over-looked places, objects, buildings, vehicles, and signage. They are mostly vacant, emptied spaces, void of people but reeking of human presence. I am fascinated by the decisions people make and why they make them. I look at the layering effect of these decisions over time and how they can transform common things. I love dry humor, playful relationships and quirky coincidences. Photography describes more than can be explained. It forces attention, the need to look and look again. I want to be rewarded with surprise and a re-charged awareness of my surroundings, enjoying the subtle mysteries and metaphors found in the commonplace.

Text and images © Martin Buday


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