Olim Palus : Gabriele Rossi

Gabriele Rossi is an Italian photographer born in Latina. After a photography course in Rome, then a master in Milan and an internship with Francesco Jodice, he started to work as freelance between Latina and Milan. Olim Palus is a project dedicated to his hometown.

December 18th 1932, establishment of Littoria, today its name is Latina. Eighty years the next december, the city was established from a will of Benito Mussolini after a gigantic allows of a swamp called Agro Pontino. Pioneers that worked on the allows came from two regions of Italy: Veneto and Friuli. Mussolini promised to the pioneers ten hectares to cultivate and an house to live, this house called O.N.C., today are still in the landscape of the plain. The city project was realized according to the architectural rules of “Rationalism” from Oriolo Frezzotti, that realized buildings inspired to the Italian painter Giorgio De Chirico. Today Latina has 120000 inhabitants and it is one of the youngest city of Italy.


Text and images © Gabriele Rossi


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