LS II : Luca Tombolini

LS II is a photographic series by Italian photographer born in Milan, Luca Tombolini. Completed classical studies at high school and then a degree in Sciences of Communication with a final assignment on visual rhetorics in Italian cinema, Luca focused his work on large scale prints, landscapes and real life scenes.

My work starts from a pre-photographic fascination for deserts, while taking pictures became a self-analysis of that early feeling. Notwithstanding our limited perceptional possibilities, these pictures are the mirror of this personal process of contemplation/suspension over Time, Space, Existent. These views present and extended Time dimension, revealing a geological history that could stand as a synecdoche for the Earth’s whole history: a reminder about how our place in Universe came to be. How should we then consider ourselves in relation to the big entity we are part of?


Text and images © Luca Tombolini 


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