Out here – In there : Asia Chmielewska

Asia Chmielewska born in 1978 in the West part of Poland is a self thaught photographer currently living and working in Paris. She is strongly inspired by understated complexity of our everyday environments. Her works mainly revolves around landscape and identity.


These are extracts from ongoing project “Out here, in there” which comes up from the observation of several urban and suburban spaces, extending from locations in Spain, France to Poland. Being fascinated with the interaction between the constructed and the natural world and how that affects the way people move within it I try to examine architecture, people, nature and their mutual interactions within this project. I feel the urge to record environment changes, suburban expansion, desolated and industrial spaces, waste grounds, man-altered landscapes, non- places. As if suddenly mattered to take possession of such territories and witness the layers of change occurring in my urban reality.


Text and images © Asia Chmielewska 


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