Closed for vacations : Luca Sironi

The institutional navigation on Garda lake is active from March to October. During the winter months the ferries sleeps in the shipyards or moored in some port. Also ticket booths, located in major docks on the shores of the lake, remains closed. These booths are small anonymous prefabricated buildings, located nearby the docks, and in summer are visited by thousands of tourists. Then comes the winter.
The winter is all a different story. Most of the small towns on the lake are semi-deserts, ghost town. The wind is cold, it gets dark early and the waters appear more sinister. Who works here in August, is now on vacation. The lake is now closed for vacations. In cold weather those abandoned booths work as a kind of catalyst of summer memories, a summer that is no longer there. These buildings appears now sad and lonely, but if we choose to give them time and a little attention, we realize that they tell us things. They speak softly of their loneliness and let us imagine the heat of August, and the lakefront filled with tourists until late at night.

Text and images © Luca Sironi


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