Camouflage : Yozo Takada

Camouflage is a project by Japanese Tokyo based photographer Yozo Takada. Yozo aims to consider our life and world from an objective point of view through photographing artificial environments that alter earthly landscapes, and simultaneously support changes of relationship between people and the nature.

What is essential is invisible to the eyes.
There is something that can make itself either visible or invisible, even if it can not change the figure of itself like a chameleon. The relationship between us and the world, as well as us and the society appears as backgrounds beyond everything surrounding our lives. Once the backgrounds look changed, what has been invisible can turn out to be visible, and vice versa.
In a fantasy world, we can come back to our real world after absorbing in the threshold between what is visible and what is invisible. The coming and going with the fantasy world gives us richness in mind. But once we lose the bridge to the fiction, the fantasy should turn out to tacit something that deprives our real world of our eyesight known as imagination.
What is existed, in our real world, seems to be often dealt with as what is invisible.

Text and images © Yozo Takada

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