Waters : Ákos Major

Ákos Major is an Hungarian photographer and visual artist graduated in 2001 from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, with a degree of Visual Communications. After working for ten years in an advertising agency (Publicis, Senior A.D.), left the industry to work as a freelancer. Waters is an ongoing series. This selection contains images from Thailand, Germany, Hungary, the USA, Tunisia and Turkey.

“Attracted by waters, in my earlier photographic works I was seeking infinite horizons and calmness by seas and lakes. Later my interest turned towards observing how human presence changes these waters, this phenomenon. Lately I tend to photograph the signs of human interference with waters, connecting everyday life with this ever-changing, still eternal shape. Body of waters appearing in this selection: North Pacific Ocean, Sea of Marmara, a salt evaporation pond in Tunisia, Andaman Sea, North Sea and the Danube”.

Text and images © Ákos Major

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