Drift : Katie Stretton

Drift is a project by English photographer and writer Katie Stretton, also editor at ToneLit magazine. This is how she describes the project:

“To engage with what surrounds us is also to engage with ourselves. In phenomenology we are inseparable from the world around us. Inside and outside are inseparable.
Events and interactions are recorded in many ways, be it visual, written or through the transformations and changes left in various manners. It is said that land carries the remnants of previous events, both of natural occurrence and from human intervention, as though scribed in prose. In negotiating our place and relationship with our surroundings we often seek to find familiarities and connections.
Likening land to sea, trees to people, light to rivers and landforms to joints and limbs we keep an ongoing reciprocity with the world around us. We have a human curiosity not just with how aspects of the world were formed but also with how they share familiarities and similarities with other parts, both human and non-human”.

Text and images © Katie Stretton


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