Bags & Leather Goods : Ada Blackjack

Born in The Netherlands, Ivonne Schippers moved to Barcelona in 2008 to start a new life. After a period in between jobs, she decided to pursue her creativity and start something truly meaningful. In 2012 she founded Ada Blackjack, a brand handmade bags and leather goods.
The brand is inspired by an Inuit woman who was the heroic and sole survivor of a two year expedition on the uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia. Ada Blackjack stands for resilience, endurance and bravery.
All the goods are carefully crafted by hand using only the finest fabrics and hardware. Each item is made with great attention to detail and special craftsmanship, essential when making goods that last. The minimal designs are characterized by simplicity, timelessness and durability.
Art Direction and brand identity by Tobias van Schneider and Verena Michelitsch.

Text and images © Ada Blackjack

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