Honig Magazine : Nora Luther

Nora Luther is a German designer who is based in berlin. She is focusing on art direction and editorial design, with a strong typographic and photographic influence, however she does not restrict herself to a single discipline.

Honig is a magazine about such stuff as life is made of. It is about food, work and pleasure. Same but every time different it welcomes us to have a fresh look at our everyday routines and inspires us to take action. It accompanies people who are devotionally following their passion and idea of a good live. It listens to their personal stories and experiences of food in the form of recipes, extracts and illustrates their professional knowledge in the form of info graphics and inspires you to stay alert in present in the form of instructions manuals. The project was executed in collaboration with Pavel Becker.

Text  © Nora Luther | Photography © Pavel Becker


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