FIN magazine : Stine Fantoft Berg

Stine Fantoft Berg is founder and art director of FIN magazine, currently studying for an MA Publishing at London College of Communication. FIN is about creative, unafraid, passionate, modern women and men who inspire us by the way they live, work and think. A book you carry around with you, a book that gets worn around the edges and which you read over and over again. The magazine features work from a lot of international creatives including Malin Gabriella Nordin, Linn Heidi Stokkedal, Heidi Furre, Chris Aadland, Atelier Bingo, Rosemarie Auberson, Stine Vikne, Magnus Wibe, Jon Bjørkum, Catalina Aguilera, Niklas Schjetlein, Tina Solberg Torstad, Frida Maureen, Dinosaraus, Mirjam Bierling and Anne-Line Nygaard.


Text © Stine Fantoft Berg | Photography © Chris Aadland / FIN


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