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Objects have states. There are objects with a single state such as a table or a shelve and there are objects with two or more states such as a folding chair, a door, a lamp. Objects with more then one state need to perform transformations in order to deliver their use. These transformations are important to the way the objects functions and to the way we interact with them.
A Lamp has a particularly interesting transformation as it changes to deliver something which is not initially there. It exists to deliver light but light does not take part of the physicality of the object. This suggest that a lamp is a sculptural object when light isn’t present and its function begins with its transformation towards delivering light. A lamp therefor is a medium between us and light and the act of turning it on and off is essential as well as symbolic in relation to the object.
Node’ aims at being a very direct and simple way of describing this. Trough how you use it; by opening or closing the electric circuit you turn the light off and on. Inspired in shape and workings by the universal language and simplicity of drawn electrical diagrams. Creating a intuitive schematic lamp that describes its function, bares its workings.


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