Sakate Tadaima-Bunko library :
UMA design farm

Sakate Tadaima-Bunko is a small library of picture books opened in June 2014. UMA / design farm made a concept and a plan with Noboru Tsubaki and Tomomi Tada, and designed a logotype and an interior. Creators who are attracted to Shodoshima town donated picture books. In March 2015, there are over 200 books, for example, foreign picture books, pop-up books and so on. Anyone can read these books. So now this library is a fascinating place to learn for local kids and families.


Text © UMA / design farm | Photography © Yoshiro Masuda

uma design farm
uma design farm
uma design farm

Co-planning: Noboru Tsubaki, Tomomi Tada
Furniture design & Construction: Tatsuya Mukai
Cooperation: Shodoshima Town


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