Aureola : Luca Nichetto & Lera Moiseeva

The idea of designing a tea set comes from a personal research, started long ago from the Venetian designer Luca Nichetto and developed together with the Russian designer Lera Moiseeva, on the ancient and modern sharing rituals that, even nowadays, play an important role in the social relationships in several countries. The tea ceremony, more than others, represents an important tradition in many areas of the world, and particularly in Asia, where it became almost sacred, influencing this way numerous cultures.


Design by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva | Project Assistant: Francesco Dompieri, Alberta Pisoni | Client : Mjölk


Text © Luca Nichetto | Photography © Mjölk



By observing how tea is consumed in Russia, Luca Nichetto has noticed that the infuse is served not in cups but in small bowls without the handle and realized how this small detail gives more solemnity to the whole ritual. The Aureola tea set is composed of a main body, a filter, and two cups, made in fine porcelain colored in mass and the pigments, obtained from metal powders, are commonly used to create the finest oriental lacquers. As the heat propagates from the center of the bowl towards the outside, so the energy aura of the people involved in the sharing rite seems to expand in wider circles towards the others. From this image takes its name the tea set Aureola, which has on its surface the signs that graphically represent this concept.



Design : Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva

Project Assistant: Francesco Dompieri, Alberta Pisoni

Material: Ceramic and wood

Typology: Tea Set

Client: Mjölk


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