Artisanat du Sud :
Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot

Artisanat du sud is a collaborative project with the artisans of Akka oasis in Morocco, as part of a program set up to struggle against the desertification of southern regions. The main challenge of this project is to design a new range of products made primarily from techniques of weaving palm leaves in order to develop the local activity and diversify the craft production, taking into account the means available locally and a rational use of raw materials. The design of these objects comes from the encounter between contemporary shapes and traditional skills, bright colors and natural shades, open structures and solid surfaces, with the objective of formal simplicity and an obvious use.

Design : Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot  | Client: PNUD (United Nations Development Programme)


Text and images © Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot 

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