Selected Works : Jomi Evers Solheim

Jomi Evers Solheim is a Norwegian designer and craftsman based in Stockholm. Graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2012 he has also studied art, photography and fine furniture making. Working professionally as a cabinetmaker and antique restorer, craft is still central in his work as a designer. Actually he works independently at The Artists Collective Workshop in Stockholm, developing limited edition works as well as products intended for serial production.


Text and images © Jomi Evers Solheim




 W. Lamp







 S. Lamp


S. Lamp is a project that relates to the long and cold nordic winter. Inspired by snow lanterns the lamp shades are molded in snow. At the right temperature snow offers great construction properties, but it is a impermanent material so I developed a technique to preserve the final shapes. In the workshop, the shapes are inverted in plaster molds and casted in porcelain clay to gain a permanent form. The translucent porcelain has a warm glow when illuminated from the inside, much like the winters snow lanterns.










S. Lamp II











The chest is the oldest piece of storage furniture known to us in Europe. Its history is long and filled with symbolic and social functions. Today the chest is a romantic survival in our modern homes. The storage boxes in cardboard and plastic that we use today have a functional purpose but lack an attractive look. Bastard is a hybrid between the chest and a moving box, with a light and durable box in corrugated cardboard, and lid, hinges and handles in wood. It is a storage box which can both be stacked and act like a sitting furniture.












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