Mozilla Factory Space: NOSIGNER

Mozilla Japan’s new office ground floor designed by NOSIGNER is a space that, using common inexpensive products, explores the concept of “Open Source Furniture” :

“We designed Mozilla Japan’s new office ground floor, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is part of the Mozilla Foundation, which has promoted the idea of open source and open source software. “Open Source” is a kind of movement to open the source code of software. It enables everyone to use that software and participate in its improvement. This movement has made it possible to continually develop high-quality software on a budget. This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.” Because general products are used and all drawings are uploaded to the web, it is possible for everyone to make this functional office furniture inexpensively”.


All images © NOSIGNER

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