Eight Euro Sculptures : I Like Birds

With this conceptual work, I LIKE BIRDS presents a series of 26 installations in total addressing the subject of sculptures and their value. Using an assortment of everyday objects, they created a number of different ready-mades, which can now be viewed collectively in the form of a printed publication. The amount of EUR 8 to be paid for acquiring the edition also forms the backbone of the visual content. The purchase price of the final print edition is equal to the total value of the individual sculptures added together.
I LIKE BIRDS is a studio located in the Speicherstadt in the port of Hamburg, founded in 2010 by the two designer André Gröger and Susanne Kehrer. Since then the team works on turning designs into creations. They take great pleasure in experimenting with various mediums to develop customized and interesting solutions.


All images © I Like Birds

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