Spring / Summer 2014 : Eva Berendes

Eva Berendes is a young Berlin based artist whose style made of geometrically patterned fabric screens is a perfect mix of sculpture, drawing and graphic. The exhibition Spring/Summer‘s arrangement vaguely resembles a shut down retail store constituted of objects reminiscent of abandoned display elements – an allusion also hinted at by its title. Leaning against the gallery walls are Grids (2014) composed of a small selection of objects on a rectilinear cut of industrial wire mesh which rests on a wooden cross support. The objects, made, found or bought by the artist (items like translucent plastic sheeting, scarves and spray painted cardboard) are situated directly on the structures and are held by hanging supports like magnets, bungee cords and hooks. These provide a method of impermanent affiliation that reinforces the equitable relationship between image and support. Such considerations are evoked on a larger scale by the interplay between the framework and undulating fabric of Untitled (Spring/Summer). Both, the Grids and the large hanging element arrive at proportional arrangements that, despite each objects‘ material and commercial characteristics, allude to a painterly composition.


Text and images © Eva Berendes


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