Street art : Escif

It doesn´t matter if Escif have blonde or dark hair; If it´s an artist, or a group of artists, or if it´s your mother´s hairdresser. The focus is on the direction to work on the street. We feel that a street intervention have sense not because there´s an artist behind, but because there is a viewer before. Street isn´t an art gallery, nor a museum, nor a gift shop. Fortunately! Art tag is a frontier between a street intervention and the viewer. The market and the politicians monopolise street for its own benefit, against people. We have the oportunity to face this with a different language. We don´t feel on art just to promote ourself. We feel on art to propose a different use of públic space.

We don´t want to promote any manifest, nor to convince nobody about our feelings. These are just words, full of contradictions and words, mostly,  are blown with the wind. So, lets try with images!


Text and images © Escif

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