House in Caramao da Ajuda : phdd arquitectos

This house in Caramao neighborhood in Lisbon is a project by Portuguese architecture atelier phdd arquitectos. The project was developed based on an organizational principle of hierarchically house, floors. Each floor corresponds to a particular program so that the areas could be exploited to the maximum, generating spaces with quality.
The organization and distribution of spaces was based on the idea of privacy and garden usage for the social spaces of the house. The project adapts the existing construction to a contemporary house respecting the morphology of the neighborhood and the characteristic front elevation.
The intervention is mainly made in the back of the house with the addition of a volume with 3 levels, which increases the area to the double.
Opening yards, strategically placed inside the house, ensures the legally required areas, good lighting and privacy of the close and friendly neighbours.


Text © phdd arquitectos | Photography © Francisco Nogueira


phdd arquitectos





phdd arquitectos





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