CML House : Ricardo Torrejón + Arturo Chadwick

CML House is a weekend house by Ricardo Torrejón and Arturo Chadwick, located on a 5,000 sqm lot in the Hacienda los Aromos, nearby Limache, (middle-west Chile). The house composed of a 4 winged volume, actually acts as an object on the landscape, defining certain territorial order, giving hints of four definite areas outside: entrance, service, principal and children. The volume is placed on a flat spot at the upper part of a gentle slope, so that the 3,40m interior height turns into a lofty space once the slope increases and therefore foundations get lower. It is mainly east-north oriented so it gets the best sun exposure at the same time that it turns back from south-west in order to protect from afternoon’s heavy winds and sun radiation. In order to keep the footprint geometry as simple as possible, blind walls and openings (rather than punched windows) are alternated to relate both to the immediate context and distant views.


Text © Ricardo Torrejón + Arturo Chadwick
Photography © Felipe Fontecilla



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