Casa CS : moramarco+ventrella architetti

Casa CS is a residential building in Apulia designed by Bari based Italian architecture firm moramarco+ventrella architetti. The house is located near to the main square of Bitritto, a small town close to Bari, in a corner site within a dense built part of the city. The request of the client was to transform the building, formerly dedicated to different uses, in a solely residential building. The project is essentially focused on the relationships between the new building and the urban context around and between internal and external spaces of the house.


Pierpaolo Moramarco (Udine, 1974) and Stella Ventrella (Bari, 1974) started working together in 2002 as the logical extension of a partnership developed in the halls of the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico of Bari. In 2007 they founded the moramarco+ventrella architectural practice that is involved in work over a wide range of architectural scales, concerning themes that come up both from private sector and architectural competitions. moramarco+ventrella architetti is active essentially in Italy with some projects abroad, particularly in Sweden and Spain. They take part in several architectural competitions, working on collective themes concerning urban themes and landscape redesign.


Text © moramarco+ventrella architetti | Photography © Pasquale Boezio




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