Profile House : BLOXAS

The Profile House by BLOXAS, offers an evocative tribute to the defined industrial typology of Brunswick East, in Melbourne’s inner north. Simple planning creates clean, elegant and sculptural internal living spaces.


Seeking an addition to their typically dark Californian Bungalow, the clients emphasized the sustainable performance of their future home. Accordingly, they described a space with a feeling of openness, lightness, and visual continuity, connecting their home and landscape.


The defining character of each internal space is the high undulating ceilings, these, assisted by a central wharf-decking courtyard and smaller light-well to the west, allow natural light to penetrate the entire plan. This strong internal vertical profile extrudes to form the western elevation. Clad with rough sawn overlapping Victorian Ash timber, this distinct contour continues along the western boundary as the defining architectural expression of the Profile House.


In addition to the retention of three front rooms and central bathroom, the plan now features a re-worked kitchen and dining area, an informal children’s area, and new living space. A new main bedroom, en-suite and private garden are also incorporated. This compact, economical and highly livable outcome strengthens family engagement and visual communication, reinforcing the relationships between space and activity.

Text © BLOXAS | Photography © Peter Bennetts


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