D Opera : Studio Zero85 with S. Sarra

D Opera, by architecture office Studio Zero85 with S. Sarra, is situated on the top of a hill and responds to a dual function: artist’s studio and home for the family. Observing the territory, with the presence of the houses of clay and their chromatic relationship with its surroundings, suggest the idea of using the slab in brick. The Tavelle (hollow tiles), once divided, were applied both on the facades that on the cover as a coating choosing the inner part of them, resulting in a unique solution of the use of this material. The formal purity takes the shape of barns and houses land extensively in the area. The interior space consists of a living unit on two levels of wood (including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and the library), which divides in two the total volume (study and living). The openings guarantee (the client’s request) a horizontal light in the studio and at the same time frame of the views of particular landscape suggestion.

Text © Studio Zero85 | Photography © Sergio Camplone


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